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Regulating a Game Changer—Europe’s Approach to Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are seen as bringing innovation to the payments-services sector; furthering financial inclusion; and facilitating greater efficiency in cross-border transactions. However, as with other financial products and services, cryptocurrencies are also exposed to financial crime risks. The following article provides some background in relation to cryptocurrencies in general, and some insights into ongoing regulatory approaches and discussions in Europe.

Business Partner Compliance

“The practice of Business Partner Compliance in German companies – results of a recent survey.”

The road to FATCA and the Fourth EU Directive– Customer Due Diligence requirements revisited

Financial institutions are faced with the challenge of aligning their existing Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence processes to meet FATCA requirements. This article outlines the background and international discussions regarding tax evasion and the ongoing debate to curtail it, and seeks to touch upon the impact it will have in dealing with should be: high-risk clients in regions, which are considered high risk for tax evasion.

Reinforcing Integrity Risk Management – “Customer Due Diligence” Requirements Reworked

One of Risk Management’s most important cogwheels, for the purpose of investigating and detecting a wide range of reputational risks and economic crimes, is the due diligence process.  As described in former articles published on Global Risk Affairs, due diligence requirements are largely anchored in legislation dealing with the prevention of money laundering, fraud, corruption…

Inside Political Risks: Political Stability Bias vs. Regime Type Analysis

One major lesson learnt by business investors engaging in foreign countries in the light of regime change events in 2011 is that the conventional concept of political stability may be overvalued. In contrast, it is the actual diversity of regime types which should receive the appropriate appreciation when assessing political risks. The concept of regime…

Political Risk and Political Due Diligence (I)

The dramatic and still undecided processes of regime change in the Arab world highlight the fundamental relevance of political risk for doing business in countries that were wrongfully regarded as stable, until the outbreak of civil unrest. Even though political violence in host countries is the most vivid case of political risk, there are other…