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An integrated approach to business partners compliance

The importance of business partner compliance for companies and institutions has grown in recent years. It gained increased attention in the wake of the financial crisis, resulting in fresh legal aggravation, as companies and institutions are faced with increasing regulatory requirements.

Integrity Due Diligence – Towards an integrated approach to Compliance (I)

The serious impact and long-term effects of economic crimes, such as money laundering, corruption and fraud (‘MLFC’), may not seem to be as apparent as those resulting from hard security threats. These crimes do, however, pose some of the most menacing risks currently facing governments, institutions and corporations. The following article aims to discuss an…

Corruption Risks and International Climate Investments

The several hundred billion Dollars to be invested in measures to fight climate change over the  coming years, not only encourage the good who seek to halt dangerous global warming, but they also attract the crooks who look for new booty. Transparency International (TI), the renowned international civil anti-corruption organization, recently published a comprehensive report…