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Bulgaria’s never-ending election marathon

Update: On 6 June, after two months of negotiations, Bulgarian parliament approved a coalition government led by the prime minister Nikolai Denkov. The government was supported by the two largest parliamentary factions, the anti-communist and socially conservative GERB and the alliance of the right-of-centre We Continue the Change party (WCC) and the liberal Democratic Bulgaria (DB). Under the coalition agreement, Denkov, from the WCC-DB, will…

Enhanced Due Diligence in Managing Sanctions Risks

Jennifer Hanley-Giersch elaborates on the sanctions in force against Russia, Syria and Iran as well as those recently lifted against Belarus, highlighting the risks still associated with the countries.

Integrity Due Diligence – Towards an integrated approach to Compliance (II)

Corporations and institutions can attain a strategic and competitive advantage by pursuing an integrated approach to integrity due diligence.  By assessing the trustworthiness and reliability of customers, business partners and any third parties, organisations ensure the fulfilment of compliance requirements, whilst concurrently facilitating a concerted effort to combat money laundering, fraud and corruption (‘MLFC’) –…