Berlin Risk

As of January 2014, Business Risk Research, the compliance and risk management consultancy with offices in Berlin and Frankfurt, has started operating under the name of Berlin Risk Ltd. The new company has integrated the political risk and risk assessment expertise of the Berlin Risk Institute and expanded its team and knowledge centre.

Reputational due diligence and business partner screening as well as the expertise in the field of risk assessment have been consolidated under the umbrella of Corporate Intelligence. Berlin Risk’s newly included IT security specialisation enables the company to provide clients with tap-proof e-mail communication and encrypted virtual data rooms as well as software-based analysis tools, which can be tailored to client’s needs and specific IT-system requirements.

Berlin Risk has extensive experience in the fields of compliance, risk assessment and political risk analysis. Our partners all have over 15 years international project experience in their respective fields. We offer global reach, with a worldwide network of resources and a track record of successful projects across Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Africa.