Berlin Risk

Berlin Risk offers a number of industry-leading solutions to assist our clients in crucial business decisions. We concentrate on mitigating the risk of financial crime, while also aiding our clients and their partners in meeting increasingly stringent compliance requirements.

Our partners all have over 20 years international project experience in their respective fields. We offer global reach, with a worldwide network of resources and a track record of successful projects across Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Berlin Risk is a member of BCF Partners and a co-founder of ALL AML GmbH.

As of March 2019, and following BREXIT, the Berlin Risk team founded Berlin Risk Advisors GmbH, a compliance and risk management consultancy with offices in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Business Risk Research was founded in 2008 and started operating under the name of Berlin Risk Limited in 2014 following the integration of the Berlin Risk Institute’s expertise as well as an expansion of its team and knowledge centre.