Country Risks

Regime Change by the People

The popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt pose the fundamental question of how best to analyze regime change driven by the power of the people. This article explores dynamic patterns of behavior both on part of civil protest movements and targeted autocratic regimes. These patterns of interaction rule the confrontation and its ultimate outcome, and…

Business and Investment Regulations Worldwide

In order to promote the economic and social development of countries, improving their business environment for private entrepreneurs is key. The World Bank’s eight annual Doing Business report, which tracks relevant regulations in 183 economies, has become influential since governments are increasingly concerned about their rank and reputation in the global commercial arena. Given this…

The Baltic States and the North Eastern European Criminal Hub

The Baltic States are located in what EUROPOL maps out as the North-East Criminal Hub. Given their geographical location, the Baltic States facilitate not only the illegal entry and distribution of goods and people within the EU, but also the making of financial crime committed through the region’s financial institutions.